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University Catering Policies


All meals are priced per person or as specified on the menu and an estimate will be given at the time the order is placed. Meals using our full service catering will be charged an 20% service fee [see service styles for more information]. If the order falls below $250.00 including the 20% service charge, an hourly staffing fee will be added of $18.00 per hour per staff member. Meals using our out-catering services will be charged a delivery fee [see service styles for more information]. For off campus catering, there may be an additional service charge based on distance traveled and size of party.

Meal prices for children ages 4-10 are 30% less than adult meals. Children under the age of 3 are free, unless a special meal is provided for them.

All pricing is subject to change without notice.


University Catering does not rent or loan out any equipment.

Sundays and Holidays:

University Catering is closed on Sundays and Holidays. Certain events may be accommodated upon approval of the Dining Services Director. Approval request should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Food Policies:

The customer is entitled to all meals which are billed for but not consumed. Said meals will be made available to the customer upon request at the conclusion of the event. Due to liability, University Catering does not provide containers for food taken from the event site. The customer is not entitled to the amount of food that University Catering prepared over the customer's guaranteed guest count. All food in the Taggart Student Center and adjoining areas must be provided by University Catering. Food ordered a la carte (i.e. 3 dz. Cookies @ 5.95/dz.) is the property of the buyer. Food ordered per person (i.e. $10.50 / person) is the property of University Catering.

Contracts, Guarantees, Deadlines, and Conditions:

To ensure the highest service, University Catering requests an event order to be booked no less than 2 weeks prior to the event date. Menu selection and estimated count to be given by the Wednesday prior to the week of the event. Due to the nature of our business all catering requests are subject to availability. Any booking made less than 3 full business days prior to the event may be subject to a 25% surcharge and may limit menu options.

Final guaranteed count is required no later than 4pm 3 full business days prior to the event. All dietary needs and restrictions must be given at the time of guaranteed count. Day of additions of dietary needs will be subject to availability and 25% surcharge.

Increases in count given less than 3 full business days prior to the event may be accommodated, but will be subject to a 25% surcharge on the additional meals. Count may not be decreased less than 3 full business days prior to the event.

If University Catering is not provided with a guaranteed count 3 full business days prior to the event, University Catering will use the estimated guest count listed on the contract as the guaranteed count.

Cancellations received less than 3 full business days prior to the event, the order will be subject to a 30% cancellation fee.

The invoice is calculated using the guaranteed guest count or actual guests served including surcharges, whichever is greater.

Utah State University departments using a purchase card [OCC] or index will be charged within 3 full business days after the event occurs. The OCC or Index number must be given at time of order or with the return of the event contract.

Off-campus customers may be required to pay a $200 non-refundable deposit at time of booking. Final payment of the order is due 3 full business days prior to the day of the event along with your guaranteed count. Current state of Utah Sales and Restaurant Tax will be applied unless a tax ID number is given.

Any order over 30 days past due will be charged a 3% monthly service charge on the overdue balance until full payment is made. In the event an account is sent to an outside collections agency you will be responsible for all fees and charges incurred during the collection process including the collection agency's fee.